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Wairarapa Dark Sky Association _ Project Update, September 2021

After nearly four years of hard mahi, the WDSA committee expects to file its formal application for international Dark Sky Reserve status by month’s end! We are pleased to report our group was able to move forward quite quickly to preparing the formal application once the South Wairarapa and Carterton District Councils signed off the region’s lighting plan changes at the end of June.

Like a moth to a flame

The story of the dark sky is more than one of star-gazing and astronomy.
It has become one of human and animal/insect/plant well-being as light pollution intensifies and spreads itself through its terrestrial impacts.
This BBC science item is the latest to underline the impact of light on the natural world.


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We are the Wairarapa Dark Sky Association |(WDSA).

We are a community initiative to protect and enhance the beautiful dark skies and natural wildlife habitats we enjoy.

Our mission is to preserve, protect, enhance and promote the Wairarapa region’s pristine dark skies for future generations.

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